MOJO Rising: The War On Drugs

Origin: Philadelphia, USA.

Personnel: David Hartley, Steven Urgo, Robbie Bennett, Adam Granduciel.

MOJO says: “Philly crew under the influence of Dylan, the ’80s, MBV and more…sometimes the wild mercury sound of Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde is spiked with Bruce Springsteen's bravura; at other times, it's Neu!'s driving monotony and Velvets-style jams.”

Current release: Slave Ambient is out now on Secretly Canadian.

Want more?: Read MOJO’s interview with The War On Drugs in the current issue of the magazine - out now.

New Music That Is Good #1: The War On Drugs


Philadelphia outfit The War On Drugs are keeping MOJO’s neo-’80s vibespotters busy with their second full-length album, Slave Ambient. It’s got our shoulder pads a-twitching with its epic pop vistas, where Lloyd Cole’s Perfect Skin, U2’s Bad, The Waterboys and Felt are randomly invoked. It’s out for reals on August 15.

Meanwhile, download the single Baby Missiles. It’s a bit like The Arcade Fire got busy with Jona Lewie.